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This box will attempt to be very similar each week depending on availability. 

EACH box will contain between 4 & 5 pounds of lamb meat:

  • 3 pounds Chops (Shoulder, Rib, or Leg Steaks)
  • 1-2 pound Ground Lamb
  • 1 package of 1-2 of the following: riblets, bones, shanks, or Merguez Sausage

Below examples are for understanding, clarity, and reference only and do not reflect exactly what will be in a given week's box.

Example box A:

1 pkg shoulder chops, 2 pkg rib chops, 1 lb pkg ground lamb, 1 pkg lamb bones

Example box B:
1 pkg leg steaks, 2 pkg rib chops, 1 lb pkg ground lamb, 2 pkg riblets