Subscription Details

Order a Green Star Farm Meat subscription and have it delivered to your California home. Choose the size and frequency appropriate for your household. Each box contains a selection of our most popular pasture raised meats. We also have 5 available local pick up options throughout Sonoma County.

Shipping Available! FREE overnight ground shipping throughout California. Products are shipped frozen and arrive cold and mostly defrosted by 5pm Thursday or Friday. This is for subscription boxes only, no add-ons at this time.  

Pick Up Location Options

(selected at checkout)
    Sunday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday

    Downtown Sebastopol

    Sebastopol Farmers Market

    10am to 2pm

    South Sebastopol

    Green Star Farm

    11:30am to 3:30pm

    North Sebastopol

    O'Reilly Media

    3pm to 4:15 pm

    South Sebastopol

    Green Star Farm

    11:30am to 3:30pm

    Central Santa Rosa

    Santa Rosa Veterans Building Market

    8:30am to 1pm


    Interested in hosting a pick up site? - contact us at orders - @ -


    Add-on subscription items are available either as an add on to any subscription order, or a la carte at particular pick up locations (farmer's market). 

    A la carte pickup at the following (farmer's market) locations:

    • North Sebastopol - O'Reilly Pick up Thursdays 3pm to 5 pm
    • Central Santa Rosa - Pick up Santa Rosa Veterans Building Saturday Market 8am to 1pm
    • Downtown Sebastopol - Pick Up Sebastopol Farmers Market Sundays 9am to 2pm