CSEgg ~add-on

The Community Supported Eggs (CSEggs) program going on its 8th year here at Green Star, where customers can subscribe to a weekly egg buying program offered all year long. Payments are deducted every 4 weeks, pickups once per week. You control when you receive eggs using our online system.

Save on every dozen eggs when you subscribe to a weekly pick up at any of our farmers market locations. 

With our new CSEgg program, after the first month's subscription, gives subscribers the option to change their subscription on a weekly basis, allowing for vacation holds and any schedule change subscribers might have. 

This is an add-on item:


Add-on subscriptions items are available to add on to any box subscription order and can not be shipped alone.  In other words, if you set up a regular subscription and a regular delivery schedule you may add anything onto that order you like.

For those who do not want to order a subscription bundle they may pick up the "add-on" items at the following locations only and do not need to subscribe to a box. 

Add-on only orders:

  • North Sebastopol - O'Reilly Pick up Thursdays 3pm to 4:15 pm
  • Central Santa Rosa - Pick up Santa Rosa Veterans Building Saturday Market 8:30am to 1pm
  • Downtown Sebastopol - Pick Up Sebastopol Farmers Market Sundays 10am to 2pm

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